Event #58: $10,000 Main Event

Albertini Up, Mekani On the Rocks

We're not sure exactly how it happened -- likely a preflop all in -- but Stephane Albertini has just collected Tahsyn Mekani's bounty and the rest of his chips.

Mekani got his short stack in with , and Albertini's had him pipped. The board ran through , and Albertini's pair was bigger than Mekani's. That's the end of the road for another player, and a satisfied Mekani has gone to the payout desk to pick up more than $60,000.

Albertini is up to 4.3 million, and he's got his own personal cheering section as the French media swarm around him like bees.

Stephane Albertini 4,300,000 1,215,000
Tahsyn Mekani 淘汰了

附加: Stephane AlbertiniTahsyn Mekani